About Feymil

Feymil Services is a customer focused platform whose sole aim is to equip firms and individuals with the necessary tools needed to create a better customer relationship through excellent service delivery.

Mission Statement
To consistently delight our end users by providing quality information needed to excel in the act of customer services.

Vision Statement
To be a leading customer service consultancy firm in Africa.


Customer Service Training

We train employees on the knowledge, relevant skills, competencies, strategies and best practices required to build and sustain good customer relationship with improved customer satisfaction. Our customer service training will help develop your staff commitment to excellent service delivery and equip them with the tools needed to be consistent in offering good services at every point in time. We offer training that yields good result.

Workplace Ethics

In as much as every company has guiding principles, policies and procedures, work ethics applies to not only the organization (management and employees), but also to the customers. We provide information on the ethical standards every corporate body should imbibe to promote values.

Advisory & Support

We keep in contact with our customers to ensure that the information, training and the services we offered them exceed their expectations; to find out if the customers are extremely satisfied with the services they received and the positive impact it has made on their service delivery. We achieve this through excellent follow up.

Contact Us


(+234) 803 732 2355